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Our assessment process is built upon exacting methodology and innovative exercises, providing evidence about how the candidate is likely to perform on the job. We use a multi-method assessment design that gives a whole-person view of candidates including their hard and soft skills as well as their cognitive abilities.

We integrate advanced yet trusted and validated assessment technology and psychometric tools to expertly identify best-fit candidates and to predict performance. With our experience and expertise, we have honed skills to even develop our own analytical tools to meet the need of our clients and to perform the assessment with excellence.

We are passionate about discovering new ways to measure and understand human potential using science and technology to improve hiring outcomes. Our high-caliber consultants are experts and are routinely engaged in rigorous training to master the utilization of various tools and technology.

Impact Story
Impact Story

Taking risk out of hiring through insightful assessment

In its quest to make the right hire for a senior position, a specialized logistic company partnered up with Comaea Consulting. Contrary to conventional screening methods, our experts used a battery of science-based assessments, psychometric tools, tests, and interviews that brought best fit candidate right in front.

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