Client and Context

One of the world's largest third-party ship management companies, whose core operation encompasses managing over 500 ships was caught in a challenging situation when they needed to recruit 20 best-performing technical superintendents across the globe.

With more than two decades of experience and with a clientele that spans more than 100 world-class ship owners, the Professionally Managed Ship Management Company (PMSMC) firmly believed that hiring a diverse workforce is central to their success. And of course, they were looking for a specific technical skillset, sailing experience as well as behavioral and personality traits.

The company was eager to have new talent on board to cater to the growing business needs, but they were plunged into the deep end of the scarcity of talent pool having this sort of unique profile.

Realizing the complexities and challenges of recruiting new technical staff with a unique combination of skills and experience, company knew that it needed the help of an expert and experienced recruiter.

The Challenge

In the field of Ship Management, the best candidates, especially for in-demand roles with unique technical skills and sailing experience, typically do not actively look for a job. Owing to its highly specialized skills and a limited pool of talent, recruiting new maritime talent can be a daunting task for any shipping and ship management company.

In a scenario, where there are less than 1000 individuals worldwide with skills, qualities, and traits that company was looking for, recruiting 20 technical superintendents of this caliber was no mean feat.

What further elevated the complexity of this hiring drive was that company was undergoing a cultural transformation. Therefore, the company was in search of the best and diverse talent who could fit in their technical and cultural demand and can work in a dynamic environment.

With this sort of challenging talent demand goal, company turned to Comaea Consulting.

Comaea Consulting Approach & Solution

With the strenuous task of hiring 20 highly skilled technical superintendents across the globe, Comaea Consulting relied on its multi-site and closely-knit recruitment team of seniors and experts, who had ample experience of acquiring maritime talent and with this sort of complex profile.

Comaea Consulting adopted a strategic approach to attain its client's goal of attracting, engaging, and recruiting top industry talent. To do the job, the recruitment team at Comaea Consulting first of all used its flagship 4T framework that imbued them with an in-depth and holistic view of the client's organization, its culture, existing employees, current openings for which the recruitment drive was undertaken, and other important facets of the organization.

With a comprehensive understanding of the client's organization and its need for technical superintendents, the expert recruitment team utilized its sourcing capabilities and skills to build a geographically dispersed pipeline of more than 200 candidates.

Acquiring new talent that combines experience, expertise and personality is rare to find and makes it indispensable for recruiters to gauge talent beyond the resume. This means that the recruiters must have the tools to understand and scrutinize applicants better and thoroughly. And rightly so, Comaea Consulting team had all the right resources in hand to do the job.

They created a customized Candidate Assessment Selection Process and devised a new structure of "Power of 10" that included 5 subjective and 5 objective criteria to judge candidates' suitability. They also utilized behavioral assessment tools and in-depth interviewing techniques to analyze candidates' personalities.

Comaea Consulting team used their 4T framework and customized assessment process synergistically to leverage rational, physical, experiential, and intuitive intelligence to make a wiser, better, and best possible selection. The team only proposed candidates who they truly believed to be the right fit for company.

To track and manage such a complex effort, Comaea Consulting also devised a customized reporting process through dashboards and reports to update and inform the company about real-time progress and development of screening and assessment of more than 200 applicants.

The Impact

Indeed, Comaea Consulting was successful in delivering against ambitious hiring plan for this client. Utilizing the standardized and well mapped out process, Comaea Consulting team fast-tracked and streamlined the recruitment drive, successfully forged an authentic connection between the employer and candidates and finally company sourced quality and high-performing new talent and witnessed great ROI.

The employer accrued low cost per hire owing to Comaea's expertise in this particular niche, experienced a higher retention rate, promoted more diversity among its employees, reduced the time to fill positions, and of course, was successful in leaving an impressive impression on the possible potential candidates.

In addition to accomplishing the talent acquisition goal, company also gained other strategic advantages. On top of everything, Comaea's thorough Candidate Assessment Selection Process became a huge draw to the company that they even opted for assessment of their existing internal employees.

Moreover, company got the advantage of having a warm pool of talent that Comaea Consulting created for this hiring drive that can be nurtured into applicants in the future.

Also, Comaea Consulting delivered impressive candidate experience throughout the recruitment funnel that successfully carved out a bespoke brand image of "Work with the best" among all the applicants.

It's interesting to see how company gained all these incredible advantages by utilizing Comaea Consulting talent acquisition service. Undoubtedly, every organization is unique and they have their unique requirement for talent. We firmly believe that both employers, as well as candidates ultimately, search for the same thing i.e., the right fit. The Comaea Consulting team is here to help you find that right fit.

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