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Succeeding as an HR support service provider comes with a distinct set of challenges. We don't provide our services just to keep the lights on. Rather, by forming a strong partnership, we strive to act as an extension of your organization and take this opportunity to make a lasting impression by focusing on things that others miss. Our strength lies in leveraging our broad experience in scoping project needs and then proposing services and solutions.

In addition to our approach, our consultants are also our success anchors. The consultants in our team are former executives and have the enriching experience of international level. Meaning, they have gone through similar upheaval and challenges that you encounter, giving them hands-on experience of your situation and enabling them to solve these issues successfully. We also bring a unique cross-sector perspective and collaborative consultant base. This allows us to cross-pollinate ideas, strategies, and expertise to solve our clients' challenges in the best way possible.

Because we bring together all the elements required to solve your unique HR issues, you get a true partner who is fully equipped to deliver results.

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Impact Story
Impact Story

Hitting the ground running for a European Software company

As a part of its expansion plan in the ASEAN region, a Belgian Software company availed Comaea Consulting's support service of HR directorship for its Asian operations. By spending considerable time, energy and resources, experts created remarkable and impressive solutions – not only for today but also for the future

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Krishan Sharma

Managing Director

Reg No: R1109869

Krishan Sharma leads our HR support practice. His vast experience and deep insights help clients discover areas to leverage our support. It is not only this in-depth understanding but also his ability to come up with innovative solutions that makes him a best-in-class HR consultant.

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