Client and Context

A high-end packaging machinery manufacturer has its footprints all over the globe with the world's leading brands in its client's roster. Owing to the large installed base of packaging machines in Asia, the company wanted to shift its center of gravity towards the region and opened up an office in Singapore. To assist with service and support requirements in Asia and to deal with the technicalities of the machinery, the firm had to fly its engineers from Europe and Americas.

These credible internal engineers from Europe and Americas were doing a great job, but the packaging machinery manufacturer considered the aggregated and bigger picture and realized that reliance on these engineers from other parts of the world could not be a viable option for the long term. This realization resulted in an accelerated strategic need to have senior engineers in their Singapore office who would then travel around Asia to cater to the needs of their customers. To do the needful, the firm contacted Comaea Consulting.


A seemingly simple talent acquisition need turned into a rare profile when we got to know the requirements of this packaging machinery manufacturer. They were not only looking for senior engineers who could render support to their clients in their complex machinery installment, but they were also looking for a complete package. They wanted someone who could also play a part in leading, defining, and building relationships with clients, their engineers, and operational managers as well as possess business development skills to attract and engage new clients. This means the potential hire should have rare technical skills to operate packaging machinery along with these leadership qualities. Finding a suitable candidate with technical skills and expertise to handle these complex machinery was already an arduous task, on top of that the client also wanted leadership qualities and certain behavioral traits that made this search akin to finding a rare talent.

Also, previous headhunters who were working with this client to fill this position had already tried their luck within the packaging industry in Singapore and were not able to build an impressive pipeline of candidates. Even in cases where they achieved a little success, most of them turned into a 'no show' show.

Exhausted with all the traditional recruitment methods and sourcing strategies, this packaging machinery manufacturer turned to Comaea Consulting with high hopes.

Our Approach

When our consultants started this project, they knew that the traditional method of sourcing would not fit for purpose, so we adopted a mix of our time-tested and proven methodologies to do the job.

Competency Model as A Guide

Our best chance to succeed in fulfilling this talent need was laid in understanding the client's requirements better and then translating these requirements into data to draft a competency model which we could use in gauging talent's suitability. Understanding the role deeply and developing a competency model guided us to explore the full range of sourcing to discover the talent.

Boundless Search and Sourcing

The packaging company was looking for engineers on whom the success of this newly established division in the region was dependent. So, why limit the search to find such talent? Our consultants search far and wide to find the perfect match and explored all the possible avenues, locations, and markets to acquire the talent of this caliber.

We did not hesitate in looking for this profile outside the packaging industry and even outside Singapore, where we could find English-speaking candidates with the required skillset and experience. Using our global sourcing and multi-channel search strategy, we were able to create a pipeline of 3 potential candidates.

Assessing Potential To Determine The Suitability

To prevent further no-shows, our expert consultant wanted to ensure that these candidates are perfect for the role and are interested in taking up the opportunity. For that purpose, we conducted a battery of psychometric tests, in-depth assessments, and profound interviews. This multi-method exercise provided us evidence about how the candidate is likely to perform on the job and helped us gauge the whole-person view including soft and hard skills.

Through these rigorous assessments, interviews, and screenings; we had enough idea about who to choose. Both we and our client ended up hiring two out of these three candidates to take up the role.


Undoubtedly, when you seek anything with pure intentions, you find it. Utilization of innovative and data-backed sourcing strategies and implementation of scientific assessments gave this packaging firm two bright candidates. These candidates turned out to be the shining stars and lived up to the client's expectations so much so that the packaging firm decided to give them additional responsibilities to look after customers even beyond the region.

Witnessing effective recruitment and getting top talent made this packaging company to further increase the headcount in the region and we take pride in being this client's first choice to carry out recruitment for them. Since completing this particular recruitment project, Comaea Consulting has been supporting this client for the past five years and almost 90% of recruitment, especially for the senior level staff has been done solely by us.

Our effective sourcing strategies can bring out candidates from any corner of the world. Plus, the combination of our assessments and tests gives our clients confidence to make the right selection.

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