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Characterized by globalized supply chains and shift towards advanced technologies while its roots in traditional veins such as engineering and machinery, the industrial sector is evolving - so does its talent demand. Comaea Consulting takes pride in serving some top companies in the sector since its inception.

With our professional experience and deep connections in the industry, we understand what it takes to make a mark in this sector. With this profound understanding and expertise, we form a true partnership with our clients and help them with every aspect of human resources. From recruitment to coaching and from organization audit to outplacement, we walk shoulder to shoulder with our clients to deal with all their people challenges.

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Why Comaea?

Reshaping Industrial Sector's Talent Agenda

With our innovative approach, expertise, and competent team, we challenge many conventional talent strategies of the industrial sector.

We seek a winning combination of hard-tech skills and power skills in potential candidates. Knowing the industry's talent requirements, we always find candidates who not only exude functional and technical expertise but also possess great cognitive abilities and power skills.

Also, we urge to rethink the talent sourcing strategy that confides within the sector to find new talent. We challenge this approach and go beyond the industry to find the right fit. Our expertise and global network allow us to tap into external talent that perfectly fits in the industrial sector.

Following this approach, we have successfully served multiple clients in forging candidates who have been contributing to their roles in incredibly remarkable ways and stay with the firm for the long haul.

We are able to do this because of our expert consultants. Though we are not all engineers, we have great engineering and industrial sensibilities. Our knowledge of talent and industry enables us to form a partnership with our clients that delivers results, every time.

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Impact Story
Impact Story

Deep diagnosis reveals the cure: Antidoting a global packaging firm's recruitment problem

When recruiting decisions were not reaping desired recruiting outcomes time and again, a key player in the global packaging industry turned to Comaea Consulting. Revamping the way this company was assessing its potential candidates with a comprehensive model of assessment turned the fate.

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Industrial HR Experts

Subhash Nair, senior management consultant, and Kenneth Aberg, Chairman of the board and president of Europe for Comaea Consulting take the lead to meet the HR needs of our industrial clients.

With extensive professional experience, Kenneth brings more than 4 decades worth of knowledge to the table. Subhash on the other hand possesses expertise in conducting in-depth assessments and using a battery of pre-employment tests. Their enriching experience and deep acumen across the industrial sector have made them trusted consultants for our industrial clients.

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