At Comaea Consulting, we render our services with dedication and excellence to each client, every time.

Manifesting experience and knowledge in practice, using unique methodology, utilizing the expertise of our consultants, and forming an alliance with clients in its truest sense are some of the fortes that make us trusted HR partners for many businesses across the globe.

Deep industry expertise, enriched with experience, knowledge and perspective

Comaea Consulting strives to tackle every HR challenge of its clients with experience and expertise by assigning consultants with relevant industrial experience.

Our team comprises former operational and consulting managers, who have worked in reputable firms in different geographies. Their knowledge of their respective industries vividly reflects in their practice and enables them to better understand clients' situations and ultimately devise better solutions.

We believe, effective consulting depends on in-depth situational understanding, and this comes naturally to our consultants owing to their vast experience. They go through their track record to look for experience that echoes with the current project and leverage all the bits of their knowledge to propose effective solutions.

Indeed, when strategies and solutions are backed by first-hand experience and profound understanding, they are institutionalized easily and make their most valuable contribution.

Mastery over the art and science of managing HR challenges

Adopting the wiser course of being structured, scientific and efficient has given us mastery over the art and science of dealing with HR challenges of our clients.

At Comaea Consulting, we do not opt for one-fit-for-all solutions; rather, we treat each client individually. Structuring every challenge by focusing on clients' stated problems while exploring other related factors at the same time, allow our consultants to dig deep, explore underlying causes, logically reframe problems and leave nothing on the chance to devise concrete action plans.

We use our vast experience and deep expertise or even do not hesitate to approach outsiders with that specialty to look for effective and efficient human answers. Additionally, our proprietary tools and resources like the 4T Framework play an integral part in addressing each challenge holistically.

While our unique methodology and proprietary tools always aid in defining and redefining the problems, we also always keep in mind the importance of time and cost when working on solutions. Using a mix of search channels, tapping into our global network, assigning two consultants on each project to avoid blind spots and redundancies are some of the strategies that we use to make each project time and cost-effective.

From start to finish, we serve each client with clear thinking and deep understanding.

Our people are at the core of what we do

At Comaea Consulting, we regard our people as the lifeblood of our company. Their expertise, experience, skills, and business acumen add intangible value to our name.

All our consultants possess at least 10 years of actual working experience in their relevant fields. As former business leaders, operational managers, and management consultants, they have direct experience of our clients' problems, which instills confidence among them to tackle the job at hand with perfection as well as establish trust at the onset of the relationship with clients. Plus, we brave our employees to push the boundaries and think out of the box to present innovative and effective solutions.

Our most worthy investment is in our people at every turn. We invest a significant proportion of our revenue on the professional training and development of our consultants. New consultants getting on board with us dedicate the first 6 months to rigorous training in which they go through 36 two-hour training on recruitment management, undertake 25 assessments as an apprentice, and attend 10 training sessions on our core processes. Not only in the start, but we also support our consultants when they want to hone and elevate their skills anywhere in their career path. Through this structured path of development, our consultants continue to learn and enrich themselves, which in turn leads to satisfaction, productivity, and better results all around.

Our culture, structure, and support seed a deeper sense of ownership and a better understanding of role responsibilities enabling our consultants to serve our clients in the best possible way.

Our clients are partners first, customers later

Comaea Consulting is known for forming an exemplary partnership with its clients and we regard it as our absolute pride.

Right from the beginning, we aim to foster a collaborative relationship with our clients to look for viable solutions to their real concerns. We don't believe in the phenomenon of third-party; rather we act as an extension of your firm. This allows us to fit in despite being an outsider and drives more fruitful engagement during the project and even beyond.

With this team-minded perspective, we approach each client's people challenges to propose solutions that are in their best interest. We provide honest feedback, useful insights, and valuable information to help clients discover the right answers to their questions. Also, we believe acting as a partner in its truest sense means safeguarding our clients, that is why we act proactively and bring forth issues in front of them before they escalate.

This visionary perspective and strong bond always earn us trust and autonomy, which in turn, enable us to drive meaningful and lasting impact. Our commitment to serving our clients better naturally infuses into our processes and partnership, resulting in remarkable outcomes both for us and the people we serve.

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